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Stylish, comfortably-fitting, quality frames that make you look great - and don't cost the earth! What's not to love?

The Art of Dispensing

It's an awful feeling, to fall in love with the look of a pair of glasses, only to get home and find that they hurt you to wear them!

Our dedicated and talented dispensing team are here to make sure that never happens to you. When you're looking for new specs, they'll be on hand not just to tell you honestly what suits you, but also to make sure you find a pair that will be a joy to wear. And when you pick up your complete glasses, they'll be there to make sure they fit like a dream.

And if anything ever goes wrong - if the wear and tear of life causes your glasses to become uncomfortable (or if your colleague sits on them!) just bring them in to one of our practices and we'll get them fitting right for you again.

Lenses: the big difference

The lenses in your glasses are what make the biggest difference to your vision - but they're so easy to overlook!

Our team are here to help you find the best lenses for you.

You CAN have more than one pair

So while it's often the case that one pair of glasses can do just about everything you need it to, if you lead a more varied lifestyle or have a particular need from your glasses, it's likely that with today's complex and diverse options in lenses, more than one pair of glasses could be genuinely useful to you.

On the other hand, you might just want more than style option in your eyewear - and that's OK! There are now so many gorgeous styles, shapes, colours, textures and looks available in frame design, you can enjoy a different look for work and for the weekend, for formal occasions, and for fun!

So if, for any reason, you'd like some new glasses, just pop in and talk to our team today!

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