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Welsh Eyecare Service

Eyecare is funded by the Welsh Assembly for patients in "at risk" groups, who have increased risk of eye disease through race or family history, or who would find the loss of sight in one eye profoundly disablling.

Low Vision Service

"Low Vision" patients might simply be less able to see than others, even when wearing corrective lenses. Low Vision assessments and treatments are supported  by the Welsh Assembly, so get in touch today to see if Low Vision services could benefit you.

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Newcastle Emlyn:


3 Sgwar y Farchnard

3 Market Square

Castell Newydd Emlyn

Newcastle Emlyn


SA38 9AQ


Tel: 01239 711888



Stryd Fawr/Main Street


Sir Benfro/Pembrokeshire

SA41 3QD


Tel: 01239 831555



Meddygfa Rhiannon/Health Centre

Heol Northfield Road


Sir Benfro/Pembrokeshire

SA67 7AA 


Tel: 01834 861373

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